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Autumn has come, which means red teas, Pu-erh and ... here you can continue the list of favorite teas, and I'll tell you about my own below preferences for autumn


Dian Hong Da Ji Zhen - everything is delicious in this tea, starting from the beautiful fleecy raw materials in the form of soft needles. But this is just the beginning, when the brewed tea gets into the drain, you catch yourself thinking, the liquid sun will now be in your bowl and will give its warmth. The taste of this Dian Hong spoils with its sweetness, as if grandma opened a jar of jam and you eat it with spoons, feeling the carelessness and beauty of the moment)

Shu Pu'er - aka pu'er black, for those who get confused in Pu'er. Well, everything is simple and clear here, we choose to our liking, brew it stronger and get a boost of energy.

Tung Moo Hoon Cha is the hit of this season. Wonderful red tea from the Tung Mu Reserve. If you most often drank Dian Hong and think that red tea is exactly like that, then red tea from Tung Mu will change your idea. A completely different profile, pleasant sourness, fruitiness, long aftertaste and chocolate notes, well, how can you imagine autumn without such tea? It's already difficult for me)

Te Lo Han - this tea is always in my favorites, but with the cold, oolongs of strong fire appear more often in gaiwan. Tea with a character that at first glance may seem rude, but behind this strong fire in the tea there is a wonderful aroma filling everything around, a lasting sweetness and a feeling of serenity. It is advisable to drink in the evening

Gaba - I could not pass by and I do not advise you to skip such tea. Someone interferes with gabu with puer and enjoys such a mix, increasing efficiency. I just love gaba and have been brewing it for 2 years already. The fragrance has reminders of summer days, dried fruit and floral notes, very warm tea that almost everyone likes)

Later we will continue the list, and what is mandatory in your tea diet in the fall?

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