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A little over a year ago, an old friend and a tea friend told me about Pu-erh, which amazed him.

The most important thing in this case is that he drinks only shu puer, for a long time, a lot and a sophisticated person to put it mildly.

As often happens, a person was brought a pancake as a gift, and this tea surprised him so much that it seems he has not drunk so amazing and delicious shu in the last few years.

Of course, I became interested, I turned on and began to ask the Chinese specifically about this pancake, and then I decided to try out a few more pu-erh variants of this plant.

It's about the Xinghai plant. It was founded in 2002 by Ms. Zhang Jianli, who has worked at the Menghai Tea Factory since 1982, and then the Xinghai brand appeared. Already in 2007, he entered the top ten of the largest fashion brands.

Convincing, isn't it?

There are not so many teas of this plant in Russia, but Puer lovers know it. In general, I ordered about 5-6 different pu-erh options and they are all good.

They have a very balanced, deep and rich pu-erh, while not sharp and very pleasant to drink. Perfectly holds the straits and properly invigorates.

In general, we found the pancake that was brought as a gift to the hero of our story, and now I drink these puers myself and recommend all fans of shu to get acquainted with it)

I added pancakes from this factory to the carousel, they are available, you can order on the website or find them in the goods. 

Have a nice tea

04/09/2022 8398
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